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Tracking personal and business assets

2 June 2018, by IoTHUB

Australian IoT startup Leash IT started life with a technology for tracking personal assets — from pets to personal computers — and is now expanding to tracking business assets with its LeashView IoT service.

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IOT startup Leash It offers Bluetooth asset tracking to boost hospital efficiency and reduce costs

5 April 2018, by medianet

With a background in deploying Bluetooth technology to safeguard and track valuable personal assets, Australian IOT (Internet of Things) startup Leash It is now expanding its offering with a new system to track mobile assets in large organisations like hospitals to boost efficiency and productivity. With health costs steadily rising from year to year and increases to private health insurance premiums grabbing headlines in the media, boosting efficiency and productivity in the health sector is a top priority for governments and health organisations alike.

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Asset Tracking with the IoT

10 February 2018, by Engineers Australia

Asset tracking is enjoying a resurgence as a complement to the asset management suite of tools due to the dramatically falling costs facilitated by the IoT. It is now possible to track tens of thousands of devices cheaply and deliver analytics that support applications around compliance, productivity and security.

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Australian IOT Startup Leash It develops next generation technology to track your assets

29 January 2018, by medianet

Tracking mobile assets in real time eliminates underutilisation, theft and improves productivity and OH&S compliance in your business.

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