About Us

Leash It was founded in late 2014 after one of the founders bikes was stolen from outside a café, while enjoying a coffee with friends after a Saturday morning ride.

We knew there had to be a better way to secure bikes quickly and easily, without carrying a chain. From this idea Cycle Leash was born.

But we wanted it to be about more than just protecting our own items. We wanted it to be about a whole community working together to help protect each others items too.

The two business partners Jorian Ross and Tony Lotzof worked hard to create a solution that enabled people to do this and soon realised there were many more verticals to explore.

And the Leash It "Community of Things" network was born.

Our Leash It community continues to grow, with tens of thousands downloads of our App to date.

After the success of our consumer product we decided in April 2017 to build an Asset Tracking Solution for commercial clients called LeashView, to track valuable assets around their facilities.

We plan to grow the asset tracking solution to be a worldwide product over the next 12-24 months.

The founders have a vision of a completely connected IoT community working together to protect the items we all love from being lost, stolen or damaged by water, fire and gas and helping businesses utilise their key assets efficiently improving productivity.

We always welcome introductions and any ideas on potential growth opportunities. Leash It has a great development team and are always open to collaborations with like minded companies and people.

Contact us: admin@ileashit.com