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Leash It is a crowd based Bluetooth GPS tracking device that assists in preventing your loved items from being lost or stolen.

Bluetooth tracking devices are not GPS tracking devices. Crowd-based Bluetooth tracking relies on the Leash coming within range of other users that have the App downloaded.

All you need is a Leash and the App downloaded from the App Store or Google play. The mobile phone needs to have Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Follow the instructions and sync the Leash to the App. Once your Leash has been tethered to your mobile, you can turn your Leash on and set a perimeter around you and your item

Through the use of Bluetooth technology, if your item is removed from your set perimeter you will be notified via an alarm on your phone.

If your item is lost or stolen, simply set it as lost in the App and the community will instantly start searching for your valuable item. When a community member comes into contact with your valuable item you will automatically receive its latest location creating a worldwide geo- fence. Each time your lost or stolen item passes another user you will receive a notification.

Yes, multiple items can be connected to the one phone as long as you have a Leash on each item.

The Leash gives o a signal every second however it has a 5-second delay. The 5-second delay prevents the device going into alarm if it has missed a signal from the Leash or you leave the area for a few seconds, and then immediately come back into range.

Yes, the length range will gradually decrease.

Replace the battery if your Leash will not connect to your mobile or if the light on the Leash does not flash red or green when pressing the on/o switch.

The Leash will only work in aeroplane mode if you turn on Bluetooth and establish a leash to the device before switching to aeroplane mode.

No, the app is free.

How Leash It works

Installation Instructions