Product - Luggage Leash

Be safe not sorry

WWhen you travel, if there’s one thing you shouldn’t leave home without it’s a Luggage Leash. Simply hide the Leash anywhere in your luggage, download the App and through the use of our Bluetooth crowd GPS tracking technology instantly become part of our worldwide Leash It community.

When collecting you luggage get notified that your luggage is approaching on the carousel and counts down until its in arms reach.

Get notified if anyone attempts to remove your luggage from your set perimeter.

If you lose your bags, the Leash It community will be able to help track them down and you will receive automated notifications each time a Leash It member comes anywhere near you luggage

Keep all your precious items safe

Get mutiple leashes, one for your suitcase and another for your carry-on bag and another for your passport and be sure they are always in your vicinity.

Track your wallet and passport just incase you happen to drop or leave them.

Make sure nobody tries to pick your pockets and take your wallet or passport.